What is RealTime?

RealTime is a system that by supporting clinical and nursing staff in the day-to-day management of patients improves quality of care and reduces cost.

RealTime quickly becomes the ‘heart beat’ of the organisation, providing the information needed to ensure a steady and effective flow of patients both out of and into the organisation.

Delayed Transfer of Care

Delayed transfer of care (DToC) is usually a result of a combination of inconsistent discharge planning process and the lack of appropriate tools. A typical acute hospital will have over 50,000 tasks to manage in order to discharge the current population.

National Audit Office (May 2016)
54% of hospitals in our survey told us that discharge planning is not started soon enough to minimise delays for most older patients.

RealTime helps Trusts avoid unnecessary delays through tools designed to support a robust discharge planning and capacity management process.

RealTime improves the overall quality of care and the operational management of the Trust by bringing consistent processes to staff engaged in direct care and capacity management.

RealTime reduces length of stay by helping ensure consistent discharge planning processes are embedded and sustainable over time.

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